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    I have created a sitespecific installation for the danish painting collection Nivaagaard Malerisamling
    The installation will be on view until August 25th 2019

    About the installation:
    The narrow passage in the museum’s northern end has been converted by the artist Julie Boserup into a collage installation that is both engulfing and varied. Using historical archive photos, landscape paintings and coloured surfaces, Boserup create an illusory space in which the borders between the inside and outside and the spatial and infinite meet.
    Boserup has drawn inspiration from the museum’s history, its original facade and the beautiful art and scenic nature around us. Boserup is particularly interested in the wealth of visual material we are surrounded by, and she devotes her work to breathing new life into often forgotten and overlooked pictures.
    In the installation she has created a landscape you can walk in to and see a lot of different connections between perspective, colour, space, the building and the paintings in the museum. The installation grows if you enter and stay for a while and see all the connections unfolds and the space some how get enlarged after a while.
    The images in the installation quotes the architecture of the building and Nivaagaards digital archive of photos of their golden age painting collection. From vintage photo of the old neoclassical facade to wooden strips and pillars inspired by the postmodern architecture in the new section of the building. The photos of the golden age, has been chosen not so much from an arthistorical standpoint, as an ideosyncratic point of view where the paintings work as a kind of stock photos, representing foreground, background, midleground. Exploring new ways of using our national heritage of golden age paintings, making other details and element visible by enlarging, gluing and collaging.

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