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    Photo by Thomas Grøndahl 2015



    Julie Boserup (1976) lives and works in Copenhagen. Her artwork in the media of drawing, collage and photography record the contradictions of everyday life. Making use of various image sources such as travel guides, CCTV footage and own snapshots of the immediate surroundings, Boserup operates on a low-tech threshold between collage and drawing, and between digital and analogue techniques. Through her elaborate graphic process, the known landscape becomes destabilised, and the viewer is invited into a negotiation between that which is seen and that which is overlooked, that which is worth seeing and that which is not.
    Boserup´s collages grasp totality through the fragment, exploring the overlooked detail from a multitude of positions. By unfolding particular features of a place or building, she draws connections between ‘sites’ and ‘sights’ in different cities, be it Damaskus, Copenhagen or somewhere entirely conjured up.

    Copyright Julie Boserup