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    Solo exhibition at Peter Lav Gallery 9 May – 27 June 2015
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    Julie Boserup’s new exhibition at Peter Lav Gallery takes us to places that are normally hidden, forgotten or unnoticed. In her new series of architectural collages entitled Leisure, Boserup deals with places like Simon Spies’ tennis court behind Vesterport, a never realized swimming pool in the Danish National Bank and a much-debated badminton hall in a backyard on Amager, places that all are destined for recreational physical activities.

    Julie Boserup seeks out the surplus of visual information in contemporary media culture. Her point of departure is found material such as old posters, outdated travel guides, imagery found on the internet, in promotional material or architectural monographs that she combines with her own snapshots and other material visually, metaphorically or thematically related to the subject matter at hand.

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