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    Misleading Pespectives

    Solo show at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York
    September 15 – November 26, 2016

    This collection of recently completed new work was commissioned by Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, and is the firstever
    artist commission by the gallery. This exhibition was also made possible with the support and assistance of
    the Museum of the City of New York, whose famed Wurts Brothers Collection served as the initial structure for
    Boserup’s unique series of large-scale collages.
    Inspired by the Wurts Bros.’s novel technique of aligning ground level shots of skyscrapers with images taken
    from the upper levels of a nearby building, Boserup adds found images, drawing, geological images and her own
    photographs shot in the streets of New York to an enlarged digital print from the archive. Whereas Lionel Wurts
    chose his technique of combined images to compensate for the misleading perspective of the bystander’s view,
    Boserup crafts new visions of the historical document in order to add layers of meaning, mingling both the
    familiar and fantastical. The NYC-specific series also features early 20th century documentation of the unfinished
    Queensboro Bridge, culled from the archives of the New-York Historical Society.

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