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    Double horizon
    Public commission at Østjyllands police headquaters, Grenå
    Print and paint on walls, glass, chairs and ceiling. 2018
    Commissioned by Danish Building and Property Agency (Bygningsstyrelsen)

    The commission is situated at the entrance to the station and spreads out through several walls. The installation is inspired by the complexity of the room, so many different people use the room, each with a different agenda; citizens that has to renew official papers, criminals, victims, policemen- and women working at the station. How do you engage with all these different approaches to a place?
    I chose to work with a landscape with two horizon lines, always having more than one point of view at the same time. The lines bind the installation together across walls, penetrating the existing architecture, investigating the visible and invisible borders of the place.
    I worked with landscape fragments, inspired by the harbor where the station is situated. A wave starts by the main door and continue through the rooms, spreads out on the waiting chairs. Along this wave runs two horizontal lines that crosses and meet, in an optical way, at the glass wall, and continues on the back, where only the staff can enter. In the lines there are printed fragments of images from the former police station, I also used the old chairs from the former police station and incorporated them into the installation by adding fragments of waves, making each chair different. I believe in using the story of a place instead of overwriting it all at once, accepting that the place has a longer story than my engagement with it.


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